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Personal Year 5 – The “Tarot Tower card” of Numerology


Every year on your birthday, your Personal Year changes as you make your way through one nine-year cycle after another. Calculating your Personal Year is based on the current year, plus your Sun number, which is derived from the day and month of your birth.


According to numerology, each year carries with it a particular energy or theme and when you know what it is, you can find the best – and worst – times to move house, change jobs, begin or end relationships and so on.


For example, a Year 9 is all about endings and completions. This is no time to be starting a business; it will be doomed to fail. It is no time to begin a relationship either.


Today, we look at the Personal Year 5. It is the halfway point between the Year 1 of beginnings and the Year 9 of endings. You can count on great change occurring in a Year 5, and much of it will be unexpected. Some of it will be what you wanted, some of it will not. But the good news is that it is change and ultimately, it should enable you to create the life of your choosing.

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This is also a year of opportunity, and the number of opportunities that will arise depends on the amount of hard work you put in during the slave-driving Year 4 you just left behind (with a huge sigh of relief, I am sure).


You can expect to be needing freedom this year, and to be resourceful in finding ways to get it. This is a year of travel, adventure and excitement. It is a year in which you should find Life setting you off on a new path, a new direction, and one that you did not expect.


Be careful though; when you rush down any new path, you are more prone to accidents. Just be aware of the chain reaction that will occur from just one decision. You can be both adventurous and cautious at the same time.


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Magnify The Magnificence!

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In numerology, each of the numbers has its own personality traits, characteristics, quirks, strengths and challenges. You will sometimes hear people say, “Oh I’d love to be a 3! They have such fun!” Or “I sure wouldn’t want be a 4! All that hard work? No, thanks!”


But the truth is that all of the numbers have both positive and negative aspects. Sure, the 3 has a powerful sense of joie de vivre, but it can also lack direction, be superficial, unproductive and gossipy.


Yes, the 4 is known for its dogged determination and hard work – but does this not reap great rewards? The 4 is also organised and a great planner. Home is its safe haven and it is honest, loyal and dependable. Not such a bad thing to be a 4 after all, right?


What is most important is to recognise the brilliance in yourself, the beauty and the potential that are yours, just because you’re you.


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Daydream to A New Reality!

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(“Touch” – acrylic on canvas by liberty forrest)

A person with a Life Path number 3 will be extremely creative and expressive by nature. Living every moment to the fullest, the 3 is a gifted communicator in all ways and combined with such an abundance of creative energy, makes an excellent poet, writer, musician, artist, broadcaster or actor – to name just a few possibilities.


It’s lovely to be lost in daydreams, whatever numbers are in your chart. All of us do it, some more than others. But did you know that there is a lot of power in your ability use those daydreams to your benefit?


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Focus on What You Want!



When you’re on top of the world, it’s easy to be thinking about what you want, what you love and what you hope. When you’re down in the dumps, you can get sucked into thinking about everything that’s wrong and how it’s probably only going to get worse.


If you have a Life Path number 1, you will be a very focused, hard-working leader with an abundance of energy to burn. You will hardly notice obstacles as you burn through your life, keeping your eye on what it is you want to accomplish.


Although the Life Path number 1 is particularly excellent at manifesting whatever it focuses on (positive or negative), all of us have the power to manifest what we think about on a regular basis.


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